Every website starts with a Domain Name.

To get the most out of your website you need to get the right Domain Name. There are a few factors to consider which we have listed below:


If your website is aimed only at users in one country, the best way forward is to pick the Domain Name Extension of that country. For the United Kingdom that’s .uk.

However if your website is worldwide it’s worth going for a global level Domain Name Extension. .Com is the best known, and stands for “commercial”, however there are others such as .org for “organisation”.


By content, we mean; what is your website about? If your website is for a business, you will want to use a commercial Domain Name Extension, however if its a personal website you may wish to do with one that suits your purpose better, such as .blog or .me.

Brand Protection

In some cases it is worth registering multiple Domain Names in order to protect your name or brand. For example, many companies who only operate in the United Kingdom will register the same or similar domain names with .co.uk, .org.uk, .org and .com. This is useful as it can prevent competitors from using similar domains to feed off of your reputation and it means if users enter the wrong domain extension (.com instead of co.uk), they still end up on your website.

Need Help Picking Your Domain Name?

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