How well would your business cope if you lost all your data?

With the ever growing threat from hackers and ransom-ware, its important now more than ever to have a comprehensive backup of all your companies data. Businesses across the UK and the world lose billions of pounds every year trying to recover data lost through cyber crime, technical glitches, human error and physical damage to business machines.

Imagine if you could recover all your data with a few clicks of the mouse.

The truth is you can.

Our Secure Online backup service is a highly advanced client-server solution. It can be deployed as an on-premises, cloud or hybrid solution and is scale-able to suit businesses of any size, whether your IT infrastructure consists of a single laptop or thousands of machines world wide. The service can be deployed within a company to backup all laptops, desktops, servers and even virtual machines as a local backup or on the cloud.

Our backup service uses military grade encryption to copy, compress and encrypt your data to 128/256bit before uploading it all securely to a remote server located off site using SSL (Secured Sockets Layer).

If you ever need to restore your data to its original format, simply click a few buttons and watch as your data downloads and saves to a location of your choice. Our solution also allows replication of the remote backup server(s) to another remote location. This provides you with a highly dependable means of continuous real time data protection for servers, desktops and laptops effortlessly and transparently.

Easy To Use And Manage

As part of the service we will provide deploy and configure the backup service to all your machines. After the initial setup, backups will run automatically every day without requiring any human input, freeing up your time to get on with running your business.

Restoring your data couldn’t be easier and is done with just a few clicks of the mouse. A user friendly, integrated web administration console makes managing all your backups simple, though we will always be available to do this for you as part of the ongoing support we provide. Additionally comprehensive backup reports can be set up via Email to keep you informed of the status of your data.

All Platforms & Common Databases Supported

Our service supports all leading operating systems including Windows, Linux, Mac, NetWare, Unix NAS devices etc.

Along side this it also supports all common database applications including Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Lotus Notes/Domino, Oracle, MySQL and many more.

Additionally an extensible and easily configurable command line tool enables IT administrators to add a custom backup database through simple scripting.