Like any software solution, it’s vitally important that your website is backed up and kept up to date.

Updates to your website are vital. They not only bring in additional features for you to use on your site, but they also fix bugs and more importantly, security vulnerabilities.

Security Fixes

Hackers can manipulate vulnerabilities in older versions of code, meaning keeping your website up to date is vital to protect your business and your customers.

As with any software solution, there is always some one clever enough to manipulate the code to their own means. Many people who discover a vulnerability will report this to the developers through the appropriate channels. This allows developers to fix the issue before any harm comes of it. However, some individuals and groups will use an exploit for their own malicious purposes.

Depending on the exploit, hackers may be able to take full control of your website. In some cases they could gain access to your data, which may include customer data. They could then sell the information they have gained, or use it to blackmail you. Another risk is that they could infect your site with malicious code. That would then infect your user’s device to gain access to their data, including passwords and banking information.

Website Backups.

Just like the documents on your PC, it’s important to backup your website so that you can restore it in case you lose anything.

What could go wrong?

In 2016, the BBC reported that website hosting giants 123-reg accidentally deleted data, including websites, from 67 of it’s servers (you can read the article by clicking here). According to, 123-reg had only managed to recover the data from 26 of the affected servers a full 6 days after the incident. That amount of downtime could have potentially lost site owners thousands of pounds in potential leads and sales.

How our service works

We can protect your WordPress site and data by carrying out regular updates and backups. The service includes updating the core WordPress installation, plugins and theme files. Updates are then followed up with a full quality assurance check to ensure that any changes made by the updates do not adversely affect the appearance or day to day operation of you site.

Our backup service is built to withstand disaster. To do this we store the backups of your site in three locations and retain the two most recent backups meaning we can go back to an older version if we need to.

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